A Kitty With A Bent Head Finds His Way Into A Family's Heart


A kitty with a bent head triumphed against all odds to remain in the home of his dreams.

After being found wounded, a small orange kitten was rushed to a veterinary center in Massachusetts. As a consequence of an attaсk by another animal, the kitten came with a back injury and a bent head.

Despite the tragedy, the small tabby cat was full of life and only wanted to be cuddled. He need specialized care in order to recover and thrive.

The creator of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, Tara Kay, was asked whether she could look after him. "In head trâumа instances, we have a lot of experience." He weighed barely 200 grams when he was four weeks old.

Despite what had transpired, Murphy, the kitten, seemed to be in good spirits. He was pleasant and anxiơus to be adored, and every time he was cuddled, his purring motor began to rev up.

"His head is inclined all the time, yet his eyes are clear and his vision appears to be normal."