15 Year Old Kitty Asks A Neighbor For Help After Being Life Behind


A sweet 15-year-old cat was left on the streets of her neighborhood by her owners because they felt she was too old. Fortunately, she sought out a neighbor to assist her out.

Trixie, the senior cat, was well-known in the area, especially to her next-door friend Denah who lived only a block away. Her German shepherd dog Addie de ella, who likе cats and has always been a fan of the kitten, also felt a special pull to her.

Declan said:

Trixie was an indoor cat who my dog spent years admiring through a glass.

Denah was surprised to see Trixie wandering the streets of the neighborhood, so she picked her up and took her to her family. At dawn the next day, Denah was taking a leisurely walk with her dog when Addie alerted her to something under a car.