A Stray Cat Brings Her Entire Litter To See The Woman Who Saved Her


One summer day, Lisianne was out in her yard when she noticed a fluffy black cat strolling around close. She set out a dish of food and water for the cat, who belonged to a colony of stray cats near her home in Québec, Canada, and appeared hungry.

Lisianne called the cat Usagi, and the two established a routine in which Lisianne would leave food for the waiting cat, and Usagi grew to trust her more and more with each passing day. Usagi's stomach began to expand, and Lisianne understood it wasn't due to her new diet.

"With this pattern, the lady gained confidence, and the kitten began to approach," a local rеscuе group, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, stated on Facebook. "The kitten gave birth outside, but she returned every day to feed," said the owner.